Dear Mrs.

Dear Miss

Hi Kim,

Dear Ms. Perkins,

Back in 1998

I was wondering if you

Did you ever

I’m not sure if you know but

Hurts your brain, doesn’t it? Groping for the right words. Struggling to find the best way to begin. Punctuation. Tone. Flow. Grammar. Cursing the universe for having to write that report, correspondence or brochure copy. Wondering if you’ve expressed your point, without sounding too pushy, too wishy-washy, too verbose, too terse, or just goofy. Lots of people hate writing. Others do it and don’t communicate what they really want to say, failing to persuade the reader, or prompt them to respond.

You paid a graphic designer to design your promotional piece. Then you tried to save a few bucks by writing the text yourself. It shows. Misses the point. Receives a poor response. The hundred bucks or so you saved cost you thousands in lost business. Your colleagues secretly laugh at you in the lunchroom, and question your education. Your partner leaves and takes the dog.

Maybe you should have hired a writer.

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Stop suffering. Increase sales. Look smart. Keep the dog.

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